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What’s in a Name: The Origins of Italian American Surnames

Discover your Italian heritage from your surname.

For Italian Americans, our Italy Ancestry Tour is a wonderful way to discover your heritage and walk in the footsteps of your grandparents. But what if you’re not sure where in Italy you’re from?

Fortunately, your Italian surname may hold the clue as many names are regional. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci was from Vinci, a small town in Tuscany (“da” in Italian means “from”).

If you have an Italian surname, here is our guide to where you may be from.


Regional Italian Surnames

Below is a list of regions and the names associated with them. Note that some names are associated with different regions; for example, Italians with the surname “Russo” may come from Milan, Naples or Sicily.

Florence Naples
Bianchi Lombardi
Costa Mancini
Ferrari Marino
Mancini Ricci
Genoa Rossi
Colombo Russo
Milan Rome
Bianchi Bianchi
Bruno Conti
Colombo De Luca
Gallo Mancini
Giordano Romano
Moretti Puglia
Russo Greco
Naples Romano
De Luca Sicily
Esposito Rizzo
Giordano Romano


Italian Surnames: Prefixes

If you have an Italian American surname with a prefix, such as De Luca (where “de” is the prefix), then this can give you a clue about your Italian heritage.


The prefix “di” means “of” or “from” and is used to form a patronym. For example, the Italian American surname “Di Benedetto” is the equivalent of Benson (where “Benedetto” is the Italian Christian name for “Ben” and “di” denotes “son of”). However, don’t let this fool you into thinking that your great-grandfather was named “Benedetto” as, in Italy, such patronyms often derive from a favored saint or religious figure, rather than a paternal ancestor.


The prefix “da” usually denotes “from” and is often associated with the place of origin, as you saw with the earlier example of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is considered that these names arose as nicknames for a person who was from a place that they no longer lived. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci was from Vinci but predominantly worked in Florence, Milan, Rome, Bologna and Venice.

La and Lo

“La” and “lo” mean “the”, and an example Italian American surname would be “La Greca”, meaning “the Greek”. It is commonly associated with Sicilian surnames.


Discover Your Italian Roots

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