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Città Sant’Angelo Named the Sixth Best Place to Live in the World on a Budget

Città Sant'Angelo, a town in the province of Pescara in the Italy region of Abruzzo, has just been named as the sixth most ideal place to live in the world if you're on a budget.

Lately, the Southern Italy region of Abruzzo has been on the rise, elevating itself to one of the most sought after places to live. Now, Forbes magazine seems to be the latest establishment to recognize the potential of this beautiful region. The authoritative magazine just ranked the Abruzzo town of Città Sant’Angelo as one of the ideal places in the world to live well without having to spend a lot.

The prestigious American magazine published an article a few days ago, authored by Laura Begley Bloom, that featured a list of places that fulfil one of the most widespread dreams: “to leave work and live abroad”.

In the article, Bloom showcases numerous places that would make ideal places to move to in 2018 if you’re on a budget and want to enjoy the simpler things in life. The article ranks Città Sant’Angelo in sixth place, considered an ideal place for living and investing, offering a high quality of life without exorbitant spending.

The Italian region of Abruzzo was called a “corner of paradise” and “the richest region in this part of Italy” due to its proximity to the coast (and its nightlife places) and ski resorts (and winter sports). This region is also full of historical centers that continue to attract tourism and investments.

Although the region of Abruzzo is an incredible place to explore, the Forbes article specifically refers to Città Sant’Angelo due to its splended “churches of historical value” and museum of contemporary art, which Bloom assures “will make you feel at home”.

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