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Parma is a city in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, famous for its prosciutto (Prosciutto di Parma), cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano), architecture, music, surrounding countryside and one of the oldest Universities in the world, the University of Parma. Parma is divided into two parts by the stream of the same name, the district on the far side of the river is Oltretorrente. Parma’s Etruscan name was adapted by Romans to describe the round shield called Parma.

The Italian poet Attilio Bertolucci was born in a hamlet in the countryside, he wrote “As a capital city it had to have a river. As a little capital it received a stream, which is often dry.”

Some other famous people related to the city of Parma are Michelangelo Anselmi (painter), Benedetto Antelami an architect and sculptor, Alessandro Araldi and Sisto Badalocchio – both painters, Jacopo Bertoia, also known as Giacomo Zanguidi or Jacopo Zanguidi or Bertoja, another famousa painter from Parma. Additonal notable people from Parma are Amedeo Bocchi, Antonio da Correggio and Guilio Carmignani, all painters, along with Giovanni Federico Bonzagni, a medallist.

The Parma railway station is on the Milan Bologna railway, while the Parma trolleybus system has been in operation for a very long time. It replaced an earlier tramway network, and currently consists of four trolleybus routes. Aeroporto Internazionale di Parma, Parma’s international airport, offers flights to a number of European cities.

There are some main sights in Parma, like the late Mannerist façade of the church of San Giovanni Evangelista, by Simone Moschino, with a sculpture by Giambattista Carra da Bissone. The Parma Cathedral Romanesque church houses a 12th century sculpture by Benedetto Antelami and a 16th century fresco masterpiece by Antonio da Correggio. Baptistery by Antelami, stands adjacent to the cathedral. San Giovanni Evangelista, Abbey church, originally constructed in the 10 century behind the Cathedral’s apse, was rebuilt with a late Mannerist facade and a belltower designed by Simone Moschino. The cupola is frescoed with an influential masterpiece of the Renaissance.

Emilia Romagna today is considered as one of the richest and most developed regions in Europe and has the third highest advanced modern social services. Emilia Romagna is also a major cultural and tourist center, being the home of the oldest university in the Western World. The region hosts numerous Renaissance cities such as Modena, Parma and Ferrara and is a major center for food and automobile production, home of numerous iconic gastronomical and automotive industries, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati. The lively and colorful coastline also has numerous tourist resorts, such as Cattolica and Rimini.

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