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Choose between a variety of Italy vacation packages to have a vacation of a lifetime to relaxin one of the best places to go in Italy, free your mind or just to entertain yourself. You can also bring along the family to enjoy the beauty of this world on the other side of home. Liguria is the place to be for your honeymoon, anniversary, family trip or any getaway. This region offers the ultimate in special dinners, beautiful views, romantic suites and more.

Liguria is a coastal region in north-western Italy. It has a population of around 1.6 million inhabitants and an area of 5,420 square kilometers. The capital of Liguria is Genoa, which is home to Christopher Columbus. Liguria is bordered by France to the west, Piedmont to the north, and Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany to the east. It lies on the Ligurian Sea. The narrow strip of land is bordered by the sea, the Alps and the Apennines mountains. Liguria’s natural reserves consists of 12% of the entire region or 60,000 hectares of land. They are made up of one national reserve, six large parks, two smaller parks and three nature reserves. Liguria contains wonderful buildings, elegant mansions and wonderful churches. It is a place with a plethora of tourists attractions including its beautiful beaches, picturesque little towns. Liguria is well-known for its good, delicious food.

Liguria is the originator of pesto. This is considered to be one of the most popular sauces in Italian cuisine. It is made with fresh basil, pine kernels, olive oil, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. The introduction of basil, the main ingredient of modern pesto, occurred in more recent times and is first documented only in the mid-19th century, when gastronomist Giovanni Battista Ratto published his book “La Cuciniera Genovese” in 1863. Trenette, a narrow dry pasta, is best served with green beans and potatoes, seasoned with pesto. Another popular dry pasta shape includes the trofie or troffiette. One fresh pasta that is usually eaten in Liguria is pansòuti con la salsa di noci. These pockets of dough are filled with ricotta cheese and a seasoning blend called preboggion. This consists of borage, chervil, chicory and herbs.

The agriculture sector is a leading industry in Liguria and has increased in high-quality products such as flowers, vegetables, fruits, wine and olive oil. Cinque Terre is a small DOC white wine region in Liguria, North Italy. The wine is produced from a must containing at least 40% of the Bosco grape, but may also contain up to 40% of Albarola and/or Vermentino and up to 20% of other white-berried grapes. It is usually drunk with local cuisine, and especially with seafood. Other types of wine to enjoy when in the region of Liguria include Colli di Luni and Colline di Levanto.

Do not forget to visit many of the Liguria tourist attractions. One exquisite place to visit is The Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) or Palazzo Stefano Balbi. It is a grand palace located in Genoa. Much amazing decorations are found in this palace. Frescoes (also known as watercolor paintings) inside include the Glory of the Balbi Family by Valerio Castello and Andrea Sghizzi, Spring changing slowly to Winter by Angelo Michele Colonna and Agostino Mitelli and Jove establishes Justice on the Earth by Giovanni Battista Carlone. In 1823, the palace was sold to the Royal House of Savoy, one of the oldest royal families in the world, being founded in year 1003 in the historical Savoy region. Until the year 1919 onwards, the palace has been owned by the state. Another breathtaking and beautiful attraction is Pegli. Pegli is a neighbourhood which is based in the west of Genoa, Italy. Pegli has four public parks and many villas and mansions. It is also known as a tourist resort with some hotels, camping and bathing establishments. Many restaurants and shops are found in the town, which is connected to central Genoa. People travel there by railway, water bus and bus. One famous person from Pegli is Giacomo della Chiesa. He was born in Pegli and later became Pope Benedict XV.

Some famous persons of Liguria include Renzo Piano, Eugenio Montale and Renzo Piano was born on born 14 September 1937. He is an Italian architect and engineer. He was born in Genoa, Italy. He was educated and subsequently taught at the Politecnico di Milano. He graduated from the University in 1964. A number of Piano’s most fascinating works have been completed. These include skyscrapers such as The New York Times Building in Midtown, Manhattan and The Shard Bridge in London also known as the London Bridge Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the European Union. He has worked with many famous architects all over the world. Eugenio Montale was born on 12 October 1896 in Genoa. He died on 12 September 1981. He was an Italian poet, prose writer, editor and translator, and recipient of the 1975 Nobel Prize in Literature. He is widely considered the greatest Italian lyric poet since Giacomo Leopardi. His first poetry collection “Ossi di sepia” (Cuttlefish Bones) were published in 1925. Likewise, Fabrizio Cristiano De André was born in Genoa. He came to this life on 18 February 1940 and passed away on 11 January 1999 of lung cancer. Fabrizio was an Italian singer and songwriter. At the age of 21 he recorded his first two songs: “Nuvole barocche” (Baroque clouds) and “E fu la note” (Then night came). “Carlo Martello ritorna dalla battaglia di Poitiers” was written with his close friend and famous Genoese actor Paolo Villaggio. Also, he wrote one of his most famous albums Creuza de ma, which is translated, Path to the sea.

Among the list of most famous things in Liguria, shopping is definitely part of it. You may have shopping ideas in mind. No problem. In northern Liguria, Molo 8.44 is the ideal shopping center. It is located in Vado Ligure, a town and commune in the province of Savona, Liguria, in northern Italy. It has a wide range of everything you can ask for in the shopping center. One store sells clothing for men, women and children and clothing accessories. Another store sells hardware including household appliances, electronic products and computer. Parking is also available if you decide to rent a vehicle for the family. Molo 8.44 has two floors of covered and free parking spaces which can accommodate up to 1500 cars, open 24 hours. Be sure to bring along enough spending money to buy anything that you or the family may want. This fashionable, modern and trendy shopping center has restaurants, cafés and so much more to offer the comfort of choosing which store or eating establishment to visit.

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