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A Guide to Sabaudia: A Gem in Lazio Among Nature and History

Another hidden gem we love is the coastal town of Sabaudia in Lazio, about 95kms from Rome. It is a perfect city escape to enjoy some sun and sand in a pictureque setting. Discover the architecture and learn why Sabaudia is adored by locals.

About Sabaudia

Sabaudia is small city in the region of Lazio located in the heart of the Circeo National Park, a beautiful coastal area.

The city was inaugurated in April 1934 by Benito Mussolini in the presence of thousands of people and was named after the royal family. Subsequently, the town was placed under the protection of the Santissima Annunziata, protector of the House of Savoy.

The center retains interesting architectural aspects that make it one of the best examples of Italian rationalist architecture. You’ll discover linear building forms, wide streets, and open and bright public squares. These features make it the destination and object of study by architects and urban planners worldwide.

Check out the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Sorresca

Among the many monuments and places of interest, tourists should check out Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Sorresca.

It can be found just a short distance from Sabaudia on the shores of Lake Paola. The Sanctuary stands on the remains of a first-century Roman villa. The name Sorresca seems to derive from the early medieval ‘surrectum’ which means canal.

The sanctuary was built by the Benedictines in the sixth century. The bell tower which retains its original shape could serve as a defensive function. The rest of the building houses the monastery. This remained active until the end of 1700 when, during the Napoleonic period, it was suppressed. Inside the sanctuary, there is a wonderfully carved wooden statue of the Madonna with Child from the 13th century.

Visiting the Church of SS Annunziata

Another interesting religious building to visit is the Church of SS Annunziata. The church was built during the foundation works of the city of Sabaudia and inaugurated in 1935.

It boasts a porticoed façade covered with blocks and travertine stone slabs of two different shades, the external in red brick. There is a fine mosaic on the façade, representing the Annunciation. It has images linked to the environment and to the life of the reclamation period.

The cylindrical baptistery rises above the churchyard to the right of the church. On the left, the bell tower extends 45 meters high. Inside the church lies the royal chapel, donated by Queen Margherita of Savoy to the city in the 1930s. It was originally located inside the Palazzo Margherita in Rome.

Discover Saubadia’s architecture

One of the most popular attractions in Sabaudia is Torre Paola, one of the defense towers of the Circeo promontory. It is the only one that still retains the original design and structure. It is one of the most visited monuments for those who are in Sabaudia, especially in summer. It’s worth visiting not only for its charm but also for the wonderful beaches that are nearby.

The main public buildings dating back to the foundation are of rationalist architecture. Among these, the town hall with the civic tower and the facing square are some of the best known. The Church of the Santissima Annunziata with the baptistery building too is another popular feature of the area. Here you’ll also find the Palazzo delle Poste and the National Opera for the protection of Maternity and Childhood.

The Post Office building, designed by Angiolo Mazzoni, consists of a single mezzanine floor from the ground via a staircase. Completely covered with blue tesserae (the color of the House of Savoy), it has large windows from which the large internal room receives light. It is framed by a red Siena marble curb and an elegant cornice.

These architectural elements give the building a definitive aerodynamic sense. It was purchased by the municipality of Sabaudia and finally restored and returned to the citizens in 2011. The lighting features of this building and the Town Hall are the work of Francesca Storaro and Vittorio Storaro, winners of three Oscars for photography.

Other things to do in Saubadia

On the seafront, there is the famous Villa Volpi, designed in the 1950s by Tomaso Buzzi on behalf of Countess Nathalie Volpi.

The Museum of the Sea and the Coast is another place which deserves to be seen in Sabaudia. The Museum collects audiovisual finds, photographic and iconographic plastic representations. All of these document the paleontological and historical entities of the Sabaudia and Pontine region.

Also exhibited are fossils from the Tyrrhenian Sea, and fascinating instruments of the Neolithic populations and relics from the Roman age.

A must-see in Sabaudia is the Circeo National Park which extends for about 85 It covers multiple municipalities including Latina and the island of Zannone. Established in 1934, the Circeo Park was created to protect a series of characteristic environments and its biodiversity. Thanks to its creation, the total deforestation of the ancient and intricate “Selva di Terracina” was avoided.

Over the years, the Circeo Park has gradually changed and enhanced, winning international awards of environmental value. The northernmost lakes (Caprolace, Monaci and Fogliano) and the island of Zannone are part of this protected territory.

Explore the natural beaches of Sabaudia

A walk and a dip in the crystalline waters of the Sabaudia promenade with fine golden sand, coastal dunes is recommended.

Its coastal cliffs are around 200 meters wide and are replete with junipers, phoenixes and other splendid examples of local vegetation. This divides the areas perfectly equipped for bathing, so you are spoiled for choice among the different establishments present.

These free beach areas are perfect for enjoying the pleasure of the sea in more natural conditions rather than with the crowds. Choose from Spiaggia Saporetti, Lido Azzurro and Le Sirene.

If visiting Lazio during summer, why not take a day trip to Sabaudia to lap up some of the Lazio coast and admire the architecture in a less touristic setting. We can organize it all for you or suggest a myriad of other excursions when you take a tour with us. If this sounds like your thing, inquire with our friendly team today.