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Klimt Exhibition, “The Secession and Italy”: Rome & Piacenza 2022

Well over a century since his participation in the 1911 International Art Exhibition, Gustav Klimt returns to Italy and two major exhibition events celebrate the artistic career of one of the greatest exponents of the Viennese secession, focusing on his public and private dimensions.

Klimt Public Event: Rome 2022

Until 27th March, 2022, the Museum of Rome in Palazzo Braschi will host the exhibition “Klimt. The Secession and Italy “, an exhibition that marks the return to Italy of some of his masterpieces from the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, from the Klimt Foundation and from public and private collections such as the Neue Galerie Graz. The exhibition follows the steps of the entire artistic parable of Gustav Klimt, his “public” aspect, and, in addition to presenting his role as co-founder of the Viennese Secession, it investigates the artist’s relationship with Italy, telling us about his travels and his exhibition successes.

The exhibition presents a selection of paintings and sculptures by other artists, which supports the story of the period of the Viennese Secession and the influence of Klimt in Italy. The special guest of the exhibition is Portrait of a Lady (1916-17), taken from the Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery in Piacenza in 1997 and recovered in 2019.

Klimt Private Event: Piacenza 2022

This will be followed by an exhibition in Piacenza – where the prestigious international collaborations will be renewed. The Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery and other adjacent spaces will host the exhibition “Klimt Intimo”, from 5 April 2022, the second major event curated by a scientific committee.

There are about 200 artefacts on display, including paintings, drawings, period posters and sculptures by Klimt and the artists of his circle.

The exhibition will offer the public an unprecedented and particular look at the story of the great Viennese artist. Starting from the rediscovered work of the Ricci Oddi Gallery, the exhibition proposes itself as the discovery of a “rediscovered Klimt”, portraying the depth of a human and artistic story at once.

Klimt public and Klimt private, two exhibitions that complement and integrate, are both with a visit to get to know the great artist in depth.