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Mythos Exhibition: Genoa 2022

Mythos, an extraordinary exhibition of models of the zoomorphic creatures that have most inspired the imagination, are on display at the Natural History Museum in Genoa until 27th February 2022.

Since the beginning, humankind has had to deal with the nature that surrounded them, sharing their world with other living beings, animals, which were a source of food and survival but, often, formidable adversaries and mortals.

The myth arises from man’s need to know the origins of his world and the creatures that populate it. To explain reality, to reveal the mysteries of nature and to make what frightens rational and understandable, while reserving an important role for the supernatural, to which all that remains is to adapt and submit.

Myths are narratives handed down from generation to generation, from one social group to another. They are tales invested with sacredness that do not provide any demonstration and have perpetuated themselves in the tradition of peoples, representing a fundamental part of every culture and religion.

In the myth, two parallel realities intertwine relentlessly, from which simple mortals, gods and heroes emerge. And alongside them, animals and fantastic beings, often hybrids between different creatures, venerated in some cultures, in others feared because they bring death and destruction.

The Mythos exhibition seeks to show the zoomorphic creatures that have most impressed the collective imagination over time. Beings in which, with good dose of imagination, we can identify unsuspected similarities or connections with real animals.

There are 25 models made specifically for a dip in myth and legend. A journey into an extraordinary world populated by harpies and centaurs, dragons and gryphons, vampires and werewolves, mermaids and unicorns… and many other fantastic creatures.

The exhibition develops, with a scenography itinerary, in the hall on the ground floor and in the adjacent rooms; some models are inserted in the dioramas of the African savannah and Italian ungulates. Each creature is accompanied by a panel with a caption, in Italian and English, which tells its story.

Genoa is home to the main port in Liguria. Chances are you will pass it if taking a trip to Cinque Terre. It is definitely worth a wander, and it is home to the original pesto pasta.