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Neapolitan Coffee: A UNESCO Product?

A petition has been started in Naples to have Neapolitan coffee added to the UNESCO heritage list.

After pizza became a UNESCO cultural heritage entry, Neapolitan coffee is the latest Italian item trying to earn a place on this list. Recently, at the famous Caffe Gambrinus, a coffee house in central Naples, a collection of signatures was gathered to make this dream a reality. The signatures gathered were in support of Neapolitan coffee as a candidate for UNESCO heritage.

Neapolitan coffee

At Caffe Gambrinus, tables were filled with sheets to sign as Neapolitan coffee fans all turned up to make their voice heard. During this event, there were Neapolitan coffee-makers brewing the finest coffee along with freshly baked cake to celebrate. At the event, the UNESCO logo was proudly on display. The event was coordinated by Massimiliano Rosati and Michele Sergio, with the support of regional councillor Francesco Emilio Borrelli.

The typical Neapolitan coffee and the way it is made is another excellence that deserves international recognition,” said Francesco Emilio Borrelli, “not only to protect it from improbable imitations that are found all over the world, but also because so many important cultural moments of our city are linked to coffee.”

As the evening event progressed, councillor Borelli announced they had reached the first milestone of 1000 signatures. Eventually, the petition to add Neapolitan coffee to the UNESCO list was sent to the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca and the Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris to be processed further.

Turkish and Viennese coffee have already earned their place on the UNESCO heritage list and now the Neapolitans are attempting to make their coffee the latest addition to this prestigious list. However, time will tell whether or not this Neapolitan tradition is added alongside pizza and other world-famous coffee.

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