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Pompeii’s Ancient Wine

Discover more about Pompeii’s vibrant red wine, which has been produced in the region for 2000 years.

If you’re visiting Pompeii in South Italy on a custom Italian tour, then don’t miss treating your tastebuds to the local red wine, Villa dei Misteri (which translates as Villa of Mysteries). The wine has been produced in the region for 2000 years and the best variety available in modern times is made by Mastroberardino under the guidance of Massimo Osanna.

The wine is made from local piedirosso grapes, and what makes the wine produced by Mastroberardino different is that the vines are uniquely grown within the Archeological Park. This means that the vines are planted exactly where they were 2000 years ago, allowing your tastebuds to take a step back in time!

Currently, there are 15 vineyards scattered throughout the various ancient Pompeian “regions” and they extend, in total, for just over one hectare. This allows Mastroberardino to produce between 1000 and 1500 bottles of wine annually.

Another reason why the Mastroberardino wine stands out is because they use an ancient cultivation technique in order to remain faithful to the Roman approach originally used. This means that, once the wine is ready, it is left to age for a few years, creating a vintage wine that is a must-try on your Pompeii vacation.

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