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Riviera del Conero: where majestic beaches and unspoiled nature intertwine

The Riviera del Conero is a stretch of Marchigiana coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea in Le Marche, the region above Abruzzo. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A coastal stretch which includes the four municipalities of Numana, Sirolo, Camerano and Ancona, the Riviera del Conero is dominated by the monolithic mountain, Monte Conero, which descends to the sea.

At almost 600 meters high, Monte Conero is a relief of the Umbrian-Marchigiano Apennines. Due to its scenic slopes overlooking the sea, it represents the most remarkable promontory of the Adriatic.

Exploring the landscape of the Riviera del Conero

Its name ‘Conero’ comes from the Greek word ‘komaros’. This means ‘strawberry tree’. Its name is also ‘Monte dei Corbezzoli’. This tree, extremely widespread in the area, produces the typical red fruits which the locals love.

According to numerous legends, the mountain is hollow inside. It is thought to be full of winding tunnels, caves and ravines. These contribute to creating spectacular underground settings. The famous Grotta degli Schiavi is a sea cavity. It is 70 meters deep with two entrances split from each other by a natural column. On one side you can enter by sea and on the other by land, until you reach a small beach. However, after a devastating collapse, it is no longer viable.

Riviera del Conero is a particularly interesting area for its natural characteristics. The environment, at times rather wild, remains free of human intervention.

From a geographical point of view, the high, rocky, and jagged territory interrupts the long extension of low and straight coasts. These characterize the Adriatic coast from the Gargano to Trieste.

The stunning coastline of the Riviera del Conero

Conero beaches are characteristic coastline of extraordinary beauty. Large stretches of white sand alternate with rocky areas and cliffs overlooking the sea.

The beaches of this promontory are typical of the high coasts. They are accessible only through the ‘stradelli’, steep panoramic paths rich in shrub vegetation.

The particular beauty of the coast also depends on the presence of rocks emerging from the sea. There’s also long lines of white rocks that flank the steep cliffs.

The Riviera is a surprisingly green and has a somewhat wild nature. It also sports a crystalline, unforgettable sea, and many beaches. Some are easily accessible, others more solitary and hidden. Among these, the Two Sisters stand out. They are so called due to the presence of the two large stacks accessible only by sea.

There are also several holiday resorts on the Riviera del Conero. Sirolo, a typical medieval village overlooking the sea rich in archaeological excavations. The church of the patron saint, San Nicola da Bari dominates the square since the 1200s.

Another stop is Numana which in addition to the fabulous beaches, also offers a lot from a cultural point of view. For example, the State Antiquarium which houses the treasures of Queen Picena and other necropolises. Also, there is the new Sanctuary where the ‘miraculous’ wooden crucifix resides. According to tradition, it was performed by those who took down the body of Christ from the Cross.

The Beach of Numana Alta is one of the most well-equipped beaches of the Conero. This is due to the wide expanse of beach available for tourists who can use the excellent bathing establishments.

The not particularly deep seabed, large sandy areas and protected by three cliffs helps to make this beach one of the favorites of Numana’s guests. Those looking for wide and sunny beaches with shallow and easy bathing bottoms can go to Numana Bassa.

It’s ideal for families with children, but also for those who want to isolate themselves in an environment of suggestive beauty. This beach is full of sports facilities that make it particularly popular with those who practice physical activity.

The Numana – Conero distance is about 20km you can get there partly by car and partly by crossing paths that wind through the Regional Park.

Places to visit in Riviera del Conero

Recanati is also worth a trip, the birthplace of the poet Giacomo Leopardi with the many places that remember him. Palazzo Leopardi with the adjoining library, the Colle dell’Infinito and the remains of the ancient Tower of Sant’Agostino that inspired the Solitary Sparrow.

In this splendid town whose historic center has a wall boundary since 1200, it is possible to admire the masterpieces of Lorenzo Lotto at Villa Colloredo Mels and in the Church of San Domenico. Do not miss a visit to the Cathedral of San Flaiano, with sarcophagi from the 1400s. It includes that of Pope Gregory XII, and a tour of Porto Recanati, the ancient colony of Potentia and the lively waterfront.

Porto Recanati is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the province of Macerata. The Potenza River flows and flows in its territory and the promontory of Monte Conero stands out close by.

The 9km of coastline is mainly sand and small gravel and receives shielding by numerous breakwaters. In the area there are 5 beaches suitable for dogs, many equipped bathing establishments, play areas for children and the possibility of practicing water sports.

A must-see if you are in Porto Recanati is the Museum of the Sea and Fishing, which is located inside the former fish market. It hosts a photographic exhibition, various typical life-size boats and wooden models of sailing ships. It also has different types of fishing nets, sails, anchors, marine fossils and evidence of marine life linked to the traditions of the village.

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