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Rome Travel News: Restoration of the Fountain in Palazzo Venezia

The Fountain in Palazzo Venezia is seen as a symbol of Venetian culture in Rome and will be undergoing an extensive restoration to protect this priceless masterpiece.

The Fountain in Palazzo Venezia in Rome is much more than just a fountain. To Italians, it is seen as a symbol of strength, having been commissioned to celebrate the victory of Venetian Doge Pietro Orseolo II in 1000 AD.

Today, this beautiful fountain, which sits in the courtyard of the palace, is almost seen as an “embassy” for Venetians living in Rome. However, in recent years, the need for an extensive restoration has become apparent.

Fortunately, organic food company Rigoni di Asiago, who has also funded other restoration projects in Italy, has stepped up and offered to fund the renovations.

The restoration work on the fountain will begin in March, continuing until July 2018. While the works are underway, a new educational display will be created, showing the experts at work on the fountain. There will also be an online feed, recording the renovations, so those not able to visit Rome can see the works live (see


About Palazzo Venezia

The striking Palazzo Venezia in Rome is a 15th-century palace that sits just north of Capitoline Hill. It was once used as a residence for cardinals and popes, but today is the site of the National Museum of the Palazzo Venezia. This fascinating museum boasts an art gallery with collections dedicated to pottery, tapestry and sculptures from the Christian era to the Renaissance period.

If you are visiting Rome on a custom Italian tour or Italy packaged tour, then we highly recommend taking some time to visit Palazzo Venezia and the fountain – even during the restoration work you are sure to learn more about this fascinating place and you will also have the unique opportunity to see experts working live on the fountain.