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A Monumental Sand Nativity Exhibition: Jesolo 2022

Jesolo Sand Nativity is back and is bigger and more beautiful then ever.

Created twenty years ago by the Municipality of Jesolo in Venice, it had to be suspended for a year due to Covid but is now back up and running until February 2022 in Piazza Trieste; a new venue able to safely accommodate an ever-increasing number of visitors.

The Jesolo sand nativity scene presents itself with a grandiose setting and a rich exhibition, made up of monumental sculptures and perspective views with painted scenographies and olive trees, which will accompany visitors on an emotional and spiritual journey that is unique of its kind. With over a million registered visitors since 2002, Jesolo Sand Nativity is confirmed as one of the most important events of the winter season.

The theme chosen for the 2022 edition is “The Sand of Miracles” to depict the miracles of Jesus as an invitation to reflect on the meaning of salvation. The church of the Redentore and the basilica dedicated to the Madonna della Salute in Venice are just two examples that testify to the profound link between faith and the hope of salvation and healing. In Rome, Pope Francis went to the church of San Marcello al Corso where a crucifix was kept which in 1521 had been carried through the streets of the city during the plague. And according to the chronicles of the time, the epidemic ceased when the crucifix arrived in St. Peter’s Square. For this reason, the Holy Father brought the sacred artefact to the basilica, exhibiting it during the prayer for the end of the pandemic.

In addition to expressing beauty and culture, Sand Nativity will keep faith with the solidarity commitment that has accompanied the Jesolo Christmas event since 2004. The offers collected during the two months of the exhibition will support important charitable projects in Italy and around the world. To date, the generosity of visitors to the tune of 700 thousand euros has made its way to humanitarian projects all over the world.