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Starstruck by Italy: A Top Celebrity Vacation Spot

Discover the vacation hotspots in Italy that celebrities love!

A vacation in Italy attracts some of the world’s best-loved celebrities every year, with the Italian Lake District and Venice proving to be popular favorites. If you are planning a vacation to Europe and are in need of some inspiration, read on for some celebrity vacation hotspots that you can enjoy in Italy.

George Clooney – Lake Como

The tranquil Lake Como in the Italian Lake District is surrounded by a lush mountain landscape peppered with stunning villas. Some of the most impressive Lake Como villas are owned by celebrities, who enjoy the scenery of this peaceful lake for an Italy vacation. Among the celebrities that love Lake Como is Ocean’s Eleven star George Clooney and his wife Amal, who own a decadent villa on the banks of the lake. Known for its picturesque scenery, Lake Como is a popular celebrity vacation spot, where you may just spot George Clooney taking a lake-side stroll!

If you would love to experience the magic of Lake Como, take a peek at our exclusive Northern Italy tour, which takes you to Venice, Milan and the Lakes. It can be customized to your requirements and our team of travel experts will certainly make you feel like a top Hollywood celebrity with our personalized travel service.

Lewis Hamilton – Rome

When not participating in the Italian Grand Prix, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton often visits Italy for a celebrity vacation. During his down time, Lewis has vacationed in Rome, Venice and more. With its variety of experiences, it’s no surprise Lewis Hamilton has chosen Italy as one of his top vacation destinations.

Anna Faris – Venice


Anna Faris and her new boyfriend Michael Barret were recently spotted in Venice, where they took to the water for a unique Italy experience. This world-famous water city is known to attract numerous visitors from across the globe, including some of Hollywood’s elite. With its historic architecture and rich culture, Venice is a top destination for anyone, whether famous or not. If you would like to be treated like a celebrity on a tailor-made Venice vacation, please contact us at 347-594-5500 to find out more about our exclusive custom tours.

Helen Mirren – Puglia

From a countryside villa to a historic castle, actress Helen Mirren has made a grand investment in the Southern Italy region of Puglia. This quiet celebrity vacation spot has seen Helen Mirren take up residency in a 500-year-old castle. Said to once be the home of a prince, Helen Mirren restored the castle to glory, giving it renewed life. It seems Helen Mirren was so impressed with the beauty and charm of Puglia that she made this sun-soaked Italy region her holiday home.

Sting – Tuscany


In the heart of Tuscany, you will find musician Sting’s lavish villa. This 900-acre Tuscan villa, called Il Palagio, is a stunning 16th century building. It has been transformed into a thriving farm, producing honey, olive oil and even wine, and is surrounded by spectacular Italian countryside. With such beauty on offer, it is no surprise that Tuscany is another top celebrity vacation spot. A Tuscany vacation also has plenty of appeal for those who want to enjoy the vibrancy of Italian culture. Florence, the capital, is known for its glorious art scene, with the Accademia and Uffizi art galleries being popular attractions. Meanwhile, a day trip to Pisa on your Tuscany vacation is a must and something that many celebrities enjoy as the city’s Leaning Tower presents the perfect photo opportunity.



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