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Nikola Tesla Exhibition: The Man Who Lit Up the World. Pavia 2022

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is the man who with his inventions ignited the world, one of the scientists who managed to radically change the history of science and technology. 

Until 28th February 2022, the Museum of Electrical Technology of Pavia (via Ferrata 6) hosts the exhibition Nikola Tesla: the man who lit up the world (the story of a genius) dedicated to the Serbo-Croatian scientist whose writings have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003.

A series of illustrative panels, created in collaboration with the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb, is in the section dedicated to electrical instruments and machines relating to the historical period and the many activities carried out by Tesla. Particular emphasis is given to the production of energy in direct current and alternating current, and to the studies of Ferraris and Marconi on the electric motor and wireless communication. Visitors can retrace the adventurous life of the scientist, but also the fascinating history of the scientific revolution of the early twentieth century.

Nikola Tesla, born in today’s Croatia (then the Austrian Empire), arrived in the United States in 1884 where he began working for the Edison Company. His employer, however, soon became his scientific rival with the war of the currents. Tesla went on to win this challenge which involved the entire scientific community and American public opinion. He was able to prove that alternating current was cheaper and more efficient. In 1895, Westinghouse, thanks to Nikola Tesla’s exclusive patent rights on AC machines, built the famous power plant on Niagara Falls.

In the last years of his life, Tesla often spoke in newspapers and periodicals, such as the New York Times and the Electric Experimenter, about his visionary views on technology or in relation to the ongoing war in Europe. He died in 1943 in the hotel where he lived; over two thousand people attended his funeral in New York, including several Nobel laureates.

For a complete immersion in this exciting story, the Museum of Electrical Technology of Pavia organizes, in collaboration with “I Viaggi di Telsa, the History Walks” a series of theatrical guided tours that accompany visitors to discover the extraordinary human and scientific story of Tesla, as well as to disassembly workshops where children from 6 years old can safely disassemble electronic devices.

The Museum of Electrical Technology of the University of Pavia was established in 2007 as a permanent tribute to Alessandro Volta, inventor of the battery and professor at the University of Pavia. Its collection allows visitors to retrace the main stages of scientific discoveries and uses of electricity from its origins to the present day.

Pavia is a University city not too far from Milan in the Lombardy region. Why not incorporate it and other pretty spots like Lake Como into your Bellarome Italian Vacation.