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The Best of Italian History: A Tour of Lombardy

You’ll feel transported back in time when you admire the history of Lombardy.

In the glorious Lombardy region of Italy, imposing gates and bridges suspended on the ditches of medieval castles are found throughout the countryside. These fascinating landmarks around North Italy have miraculously survived historic wars, battles, earthquakes and other natural disasters unscathed.

With structures dating back to the Middle Ages, Italy is a country known for its rich cultural history. Visitors to this stunning country will find evidence of this in the sturdy architectural structures scattered throughout Italy.

Lombardy is one of these places with numerous medieval castles and charming villages that were either built in the Middle Ages or the Renaissance period. If you’re planning an Italian vacation to Lombardy then we’ve got a list of recommendations for you the next time you’re in this beautiful North Italy region.


Our tour of Italy’s medieval villages begins at the village of Brescia. From Brescia, you’ll be able to admire Bagolino, a quaint little village where you can get lost in the winding streets and villas. When you travel here you’ll notice the houses are all still in stone, the way they were originally built, giving a sense of quaint history.


Next on our tour of Lombardy is the city of  Mantua. In front of the magnificent heart-shaped lake, you’ll find the Castellaro Lagusello. This Medieval castle has Scaligera origins and frequently attracts tourists who are eager to learn more about the country’s history.


Heading a little further north, you’ll find Valtellina in the province of Sondrio. Here, on the border of Switzerland, you’ll find the ancient village of Grosio. What makes this destination so historically significant is that it has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. If you’d like to travel here on your next Italy multi-city tour, be sure to visit the New Castle, a favourite destination for travellers.

Lake Iseo

As our tour of Lombardy continues, we make our way to Lake Iseo. Here you’ll discover the town of Monte Isola, located on an island in Lake Iseo. This humble little town is full of stunning castles, stone houses and palaces. With it’s thriving greenery, you’ll be welcomed to a place with incredible natural beauty.


For the last destination of our tour of Lombardy, we’re looking at the city of Cremona. In this vibrant city, you’ll find perfectly preserved Soncino houses in a village of medieval origin with walls that date back to the 15th century.

Visit Lombardy and Experience History Today

If you’d like to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Italy, then consider a touring vacation of Lombardy.

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