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Visit Rome for Virtual Da Vinci Exhibit

Visit Rome this holiday season to participate in the new Maker Faire exhibition at Rome’s Fiera Di Roma.

The European Maker Faire is an annual family-friendly convention that showcases the latest in invention, creativity and resourcefulness. The 2017 Rome Maker Faire will have a variety of attractions to explore and, most notably, the new Leonardo Da Vinci Virtual Reality exhibit will be available to interact with.

This new exhibit, which is open 1st to 3rd December 2017, lets visitors experience Leonardo Da Vinci’s engineering works and his experiments. All this will happen through the use of Virtual Reality Stations where users can also interact with tablets and smartphones, and view 3D visualizations of Da Vinci’s moving machines.

This new exhibit includes two virtual reality (VR) and fifteen Augmented Reality (AR) interactive stations. Using the VR viewers, visitors can immerse themselves in a unique 3D environment. In this 3D environment, Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions appear before you with incredible realism and animated detail to demonstrate their function.

The Leonardo Da Vinci Show

The team behind the VR stations rebuilt Leonardo Da Vinci’s incredible work in 3D, carefully developing realistic models. They interpreted Leonardo Da Vinci’s work from the original schemes, each recreated to match their original design. After the modeling, texture artists used high-definition images to simulate the wood, metal or fabric.

As the team reproduced Leonardo Da Vinci’s work, down to the smallest detail, they also put effort towards reproducing the mass and mechanics of each invention. The idea was to create movement and functionality that perfectly replicated the original work.

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