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World’s Largest Gastronomic Park: Taste the Finest Italian Food

FICO Eataly World opened in Bologna on November 15th 2017, featuring all the best flavors of Italian food.

Since its opening, FICO Eataly World has claimed the title of the world’s largest gastronomic park. Stretching over 100,000 square meters, the park has more than 700 employees with 150 companies involved in realizing this concept.

Those who have already visited the park call FICO Eataly World the “Disneyland of Food” due to its sheer size and diverse range of cuisine. The gastronomic park is set up to showcase the biodiversity and the Italian food chain.

Located a half hour drive from Bologna station (with shuttles every 15 minutes), FICO Eataly World is easily accessible and open daily until midnight. The gastronomic park is also free to enter and has an abundance of places to eat (45 dining points of regional cuisine and street food), points where you can buy regional delights (48 outlets and 40 food factories with an impressive variety of products) and places to learn about Italian food. There are also entire areas that specialize in certain food types, such as cheese, meats, pasta, rice, ice cream, candy and chocolate to name a few. All this makes FICO Eataly World the prime destination for foodies.

Furthermore, there’s an assortment of wines and beers to wash down all the exquisite food you’ll be sampling. With its parade of flavors, fragrances and handicraft products from small Italian producers and big brands alike, FICO Eataly World features a smorgasbord of delicious Italian food.

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