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A Brief Look at an Amalfi Coast Vacation

Discover why an Amalfi Coast vacation stands out as one of the top Italian getaways.

When you plan your Amalfi Coast vacation, to a Mediterranean destination dense with activities, it’s always a good to have a general idea of what is on offer. Located in the Province of Salerno, on Italy’s South-west coast, the Mediterranean landscape draws visitors from across the world for a tropical Amalfi Coast vacation. When you travel to the Amalfi Coast, with its mountainous landscape overlooking the sea, you can be sure there’s plenty to do.

About Travel to the Amalfi Coast

Those who travel to the Amalfi Coast are sure to be in awe of the rich history this coastal landscape has to offer. The town of Amalfi was once the seat of a powerful maritime republic during the 9th and 11th centuries: The Duchy of Amalfi. If you were to travel to the Amalfi Coast during this time, you’d find the beginnings of a vibrant commercial hub that embraced traveling merchants and Italian trade.

Since then, travel to the Amalfi Coast has grown exponentially as the stunning landscape and rich culture continue to draw thousands of visitors each year. It wasn’t long before those traveling for an Amalfi Coast vacation found themselves before an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Of course, no Amalfi Coast vacation would be complete without a visit to the breath-taking town of Amalfi. It’s essential for any pilgrim to this remarkable coastal town to visit the 9th-century Roman Catholic Amalfi Cathedral. With is striking Arabic–Norman architecture, the cathedral sits at the center of the town and is a must-see for any who travel to the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast

Known for its spectacular scenery, the Amalfi Coast attracts thousands of visitors each year.


A Must-Visit Destination

In addition to its rich history and spectacular scenery, an Amalfi Coast vacation showcases some of the finest cuisine Italy has to offer. When you travel to the Amalfi Coast you can expect to be greeted with the citric aroma of ripe lemons and a smorgasbord of seafood to savor, bursting with an assortment of flavor.

From sun-kissed beaches to mesmerizing architectural achievements, an Amalfi Coast vacation is sure to impress any traveler. Whether you’ve been before or not at all, when you travel to the Amalfi Coast, there’s plenty to see and do, making this destination one of our most popular Italy vacations.
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