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Calabria, also known as Bruttium in antiquity, is a region in Southern Italy sitting on the “toe” of Italy’s fabulous boot-shaped peninsula. The area boasts of having an exquisitely warm and sunny climate and beautiful scenery that captivates the imagination. It is no surprise that many notable people from Italy were born in Calabria including famous film directors, sculptors, painters, composers, scientists, religious officials, and many others.

The southern region of Calabria sits under the Basilicata region. To the west of Calabria is the Tyrrhenian Sea, and to the east of Calabria is the Ionian Sea. The region of Calabria has a population of just under two million. A fascinating current fact about Calabria is that in 2010, an area in Sila National Park was discovered to have the cleanest air in the whole of Europe!

Perhaps Calabria sounds like a dream destination for your Italian Vacations – take a moment to read about all of the great tourist attractions it has to offer and our Italy travel guide!

Calabria, Italy travel guide With Bellarome Italian Vacations

Calabria’s unique and dynamic topography (with alternating mountainous and smooth plains), is gorgeous. It is well known for its unforgettable coastline and innumerable historic sites as well. No matter what you’d like to see during your stay, Bellarome is able to offer you a first-class ticket and a travel guide.

There is always plenty to do and see in Calabria. You may want to visit the Castello Aragonese di Le Castella, a partially reconstructed castle from the Middle Ages that has also been used in various film projects including The Gospel according to Matthew. Or leisurely roam the grounds of the Sanctuario di San Francesco di Paola, a serene ancient monastery hidden away on a mountain. Swim in the crystal blue waters of the Arco Magno, one of Italy’s most beautiful landmarks.

If you are vacationing with kids (and if even if not) you may want to check out the AcquaPark Odissea 2000, a fun and exciting water park, great for the whole family. Of course there are hundreds of other things to do and see in the beautiful region of Calabria in Southern Italy.

For intellectual pursuits, you can check Italy vacation packages all inclusive and visit the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Reggio Calabria, a famous archeological museum in Calabria, where you can find the famous Bronzi di Riace (Riace Warriors). In fact, Calabria has plenty of local museums which house collections gathered from ancient ruins and digs from the area. Calabria is among Italy’s regions with the oldest traces of human presence, so it is a region steeped in ancient history. There are multitudes of fascinating historic sites in Calabria including ancient churches, castles, museums and ruins, but if you sometimes prefer something more contemporary, there is definitely a lot for you as well. With Calabria’s plethora of restaurants, clubs, shops, cafes, beaches and amusement parks, you will feel right at home!

Calabria has about 500 miles of coastline where you will come across a variety of beaches from long stretches of smooth sand to relax on, to exquisite rugged coves. Of course you will eat in Calabria’s local restaurants and cafes for cuisine that is unique and scrumptious. The local fare may include delectable homegrown Calabrian eggplants that are famous all over Italy, mouth-watering spreadable sausage called ‘nduja,’ delicious cheeses and red wine, olive oil, licorice, and so much more! The local fare and ingredients will tantalize your senses and easily whet your appetite and have you craving more.

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