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The city of Bergamo is situated in the east of Lombardy, where the northern Italian plain meets the foothills of the Alps. Its location allows for spectacular views, as well as a diverse tourist region. The town is to the north east of Milan and within close proximity of Lake Como. Bergamo is made up of two towns linked by a funicular, Bergamo Atla, the attractive older settlement at a higher level, and Bergamo Bassa, the newer town, which is based around the town’s railway station.

The old town of Bergamo has many tourist attractions, including Piazza Vecchia, Palazzo della Ragione, Santa Maria Maggiore, Cappella Colleoni, Museo Storico, Museo Donizettiano, the Archaeological Museum and the Natural History and Science Museum in Piazza Cittadella. New town’s main attraction is the Porta Nuova district with its interconnected squares, promenades and civic architecture, like the Donizetti Theatre.

Bergamo was the hometown and last resting place of Enrico Rastelli, a highly technical and world famous juggler who lived in the town and, in 1931, died there at the early age. There is a life sized statue to Rastelli within his mausoleum, a number of painters were active in the town as well. There were Giovanni Paolo Cavagna, Francesco Zucco, and Enea Salmeggia each of whom painted works for the church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Sculptor Giacomo Manzù and the bass baritone opera singer Alex Esposito were born in Bergamo, the famous American electrical engineer and professor Andrew Viterbi, inventor of the important Virterbi’s algorithm, was born in Bergamo, before migrating in USA during the fascism because of his Jewish origin.

Designers born in Bergamo including the late Mariuccia Mandelli, the founder of Krizia and one of the first female fashion designers to create a successful line of men’s wear. Bergamo’s football team is Atalanta who plays in the top level Series A at the Studio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia. The town has a woman’s volleyball team named Foppapedretti Bergamo. The city is also home to the Bergamo Lions American football team, one of the most successful in European Football League history, winning multiple Eurobowls.

Bergamo is served by Caravaggio International Airport 5 km south east of the town, the third busiest airport in Italy, serving 10.404.625 passenger. The city is also served by Milan Linate Airport 50 km south west of Bergamo. Motorway A4 is the main axis connecting the city with the east and the west of the country, to cities such as Milan, Turin, Venice and Trieste.

Bergamo railway station is connected with the rest of Lombardy by trains for Milan, Lecco, Cremona, Treviglio, Brescia and Monza Railway service is operated by Trenord. Transport within Bergamo is managed by ATB and includes a network of bus lines together with two funicular system opened in 1912. The Bergamo Albino light rail was inaugurated in 2009, three light rail lines are currently in planning stage which are Line 1 Bergamo FS- Albino, Line 2 Bergamo FS- Villa d’Alme- San Pellegrino Terme and Line 3 Hospital Railways Station FS- Trade Fair Bergamo Airport.

Bergamo has a prominent place in music history, the large Romanesque church of Santa Maria Maggiore, had a continuous and well documented tradition of music teaching and singing for more than eight hundred years. When the town was under Venteian control, the musical style of the Venetians was imported as well, in particular a large instrumental ensemble few up to support the choral singing.

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