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Campobasso Vacations

A vacation location in which any individual is sure to experience a marvelous and fun time is at Campobasso. Campobasso is a city situated in southern Italy, in the region of Molise. It is described as being one of Italy’s coldest cities. It is 701 meters above sea level. The location experiences a subtropical climate with winter to summer ranging from 2 to 22 °C (36 to 72 °F) on average. During the winter, snowfalls are frequent. The wettest time of year is the autumn with about 81 millimeters of rain each November. Campobasso can be found in the high basin of the Biferno River. It is surrounded by the Sannio and Matese mountains. It is the capital of the region of Molise as well as the province of Campobasso. Long before it received this name, the original name of Campobasso was Campus Vassorum. This name suggested that the city was the seat of the vassals of the duke of Spoleto.

More on the historical forefront, Campobasso was control by the Monforte-Gambatesa family, from the year 1330 up to 1745. It was later controlled by other families including the Gonzaga, Vitagliano and Carafa families. Campobasso was the place where there was much combat during the Second World War. During October and November in 1943, a battle between the German and the Canadian troops was realized in order to gain ownership of the city. This caused the destruction of many public buildings, including the City Hall and the archives held there. After this battle took place, the occupation by the Canadian troops and the administrative and political control was in effect. This had a great impact on the town that it became known as Canada Town or Maple Leaf City. Campobasso is popular for the craftsmanship of blades (including scissors and knives), from since the 14th century time. It is also famous for the production of pears and scamorza (a type of curd cheese, made from cow’s milk).

When travelling through Campobasso, visitors can look forward to some of its main attractions. One of these attractions is the Castello Monforte, a well-known castle. It was built in 1450 by the local ruler Nicola II Monforte, over Lombard or Norman ruins. It is situated on top of the mountain that dominates Campobasso and stands on a commanding point, where traces of ancient settlements have been found. Found below the castle is the church of St. George (Chiesa di San Giorgio). It is probably the oldest in Campobasso. It was built around the year 1000 AD over the ruins of a Pagan temple. The Church of San Giorgio is an ancient, Romanesque architecture style, Roman Catholic Church. The walls were painted in fresco in the 15th-century, and depict St Augustine and the Saints. In the right aisle of the Nave is the tomb of Delicata Civerra, famous for a local legend. Once visitors tour to this church of Saint George and throughout these attractions, they are likely to be amazed by its beauty and can learn of the ancient history beyond their walls.

A place of floral beauty is the Villa de Capoa. It is a beautiful garden with statues and several varieties of plants. Some of these plant variations include Lebanon cedars, cypresses and sequoias (which belong to the cypress family with common names like coastal redwood and California redwood). When visiting there, one can view a statue of Bacchus with grape bunches. Inside there are a cave tuff, a spa with jet of water, an esplanade with stone balcony and two graves of fifteenth-century style.

Some famous person who originate from Campobasso are Fred Bongusto, Romeo Musa and Alberto Bonucci. Fred whose original name is Alfredo Bongusto, was born in Campobasso in 1935. He is an Italian light music singer and songwriter who was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s. He composed the soundtracks of 24 movies, such as Un Detective (1969), The Divorce (1970), Come Have Coffee with Us (1970), The Eroticist (1972), Gli ordini sono ordini (1972), Malizia (1973), Lovers and Other Relatives (1974) and many more. Some of his successful songs include “Malaga”, “Una rotonda sul mare” and “Spaghetti a Detroit”. Alfredo was also popular and successful in South America, especially Brazil.

Romeo Musa lived from the year 1882 to 1960. He was an Italian painter, printmaker, photographer, illustrator and author. Some of his works reflect the lives of peasants who live in the Italian countryside. The artistic and literary works of Romeo Musa can be viewed in the Seminario Vescovile of Bedonia in Italy, the National Museum of the Molise Region in the Castle Pandone of Venafro, Italy, and the Convitto Nazionale Mario Pagano of Campobasso in Molise in Italy. Alberto Bonucci was born in Campobasso, Italy in May 1918 and died in Rome, Italy on 5 April 1969. Alberto was a film actor and director. Some of his films include Fugitive in Trieste (1951), Toto in Color (1952), Neapolitan Carousel (1954) and The Mona Lisa Has Been Stolen (1966). View any of these films by Alberto to experience this man’s incredible work.

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