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Syracuse Vacations

Syracuse Vacations

Syracuse is a beautifully historic city in Sicily and the capital the province of Syracuse. The city is located in the southeast corner of the island of Sicily, right by the Gulf of Syracuse next to the Ionian Sea. Syracuse is also well-known for its rich Greek history, culture, amphitheaters and architecture. The city is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site along with the Necropolis of Pantalica because “monuments and archeological sites situated in Syracuse are the finest example of outstanding architectural creation spanning several cultural aspects; Greek, Roman and Baroque”, and Ancient Syracuse was “directly linked to events, ideas and literary works of outstanding universal significance” as stated by the UNESCO Committee.

Syracuse is over 2,700-years old and was regarded as one of the major powers of the Mediterranean in ancient times. Syracuse was composed of five major areas, the names of which have remained to the present day: Akradina, Tike, Epipolis, Neapolis and Ortigia. In the time of the Greeks these were known as “Pentapolis” Five Cities.

The city of Syracuse was originally named in Siculo from Greek/Italian tongue Syraka, which means “abundance of water”. This is because of the quantity of waterways and swamplands in the area in historic times. Cicero described Syracuse as “the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all”.

To add to the city’s beauty are its amazing buildings. Some of these include Castello Maniace, Palazzo Bellomo, The Mikveh and the Cathedral of Syracuse. The Castello Maniace is a castle in Syracuse and holds the name of George Maniakes, the Byzantine general who besieged and took the city in 1038. One great feature of the castle is the decorated portal. Today the castle is open to everyone and serves as a top local tourist attraction.

Palazzo Bellomo, also known as the Museum of Palazzo Bellomo, was established in 1948. In 1365 the palace was the property of Bellomo, a noble Roman family whocame to Sicily in the wake of Frederick III of Aragon. In 1948, it was used as a museum following the posting of the modern collection from prehistoric complex and classic Paolo Orsi Regional Archaeological Museum. After a prolonged period of restoration work from 2009, the museum was reopened to the public with a new design.

The Cathedral of Syracuse is an ancient Catholic church in Syracuse. This cathedral was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 and stands in the city’s historic core on Ortygia Island, a small island which is the historical centre of the city of Syracuse.

There are plenty of activities that also take place in Syracuse, such as culture and language classes, Sicilian cooking classes and wine tasting, outdoor excursions hiking, cycling, climbing, sailing, scuba diving, excursions to all over the island, Sicilian puppet making, ceramics, photography, painting.

The outdoor market in Ortigia is described as one of the most fantastic places to visit. There you can get the freshest fish, vegetables and fruits. Other than food, you can do almost anything in order to enjoy a fun filled holiday experience in Syracuse from shopping to tasting some fine cuisine. One of the most popular craft products in Syracuse is papyrus paper. Local pottery is also a common product to buy and made in Syracuse.

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