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Trento is located in the Adige River valley in Trentino Alto Adige Sudtirol. Trento is a major scientific, educational, political and financial center. Today, Trento is a cosmopolitan city with highly developed and organized modern social services. Trento is also one of Italy’s wealthiest and most prosperous cities with its province being one of the richest in Italy, and offers a great quality of life, standard of living, and business and job opportunities.

The city is home of the University of Trento and has a picturesque Medieval and Renaissance historic center, with ancient buildings such as Trento Cathedral and the Castello del Buonconsiglio. Other sights in Trento include the Church of Santo Maria Maggiore, Church of San Pietro, Church of Sant’ Apollinare, Church of San Lorenze, Torre Verde, Palazzo delle Albere, Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo Salvadori. Trento also has some interesting museums, including Museod’ Arte di, Trento e Roverto and the Museo dell’ Aeronautica Gianni Caproni, as well as the Alpine botanical garden. Trento is also the venue of a popular Mountain Film Festival.

Trento lies in a wide glacial valley called the Adige valley just south of the Alps foothill range Dolomite Mountains, where the Fersina River and Avisio rivers join the Adige River, the second longest river in Italy. The valley is surrounded by mountains including Vigolana, Monte Bondone, Paganella, Marzola and Monte Calisio. Nearby lakes including Lake Caldonazzo, Lake Levico, Lake Garda and Lake Toblino.

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