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Spoleto Vacations

Spoleto is one of the largest towns in Umbria, located in Italy. Spoleto is an ancient city in the Italian province of Perugia. It can be found in east central Umbria on a foothill of the Apennines. The town was constructed on a hillside with most of the sites in the upper town. Most of Spoleto is based on prehistoric features. Spoleto is 20 kilometers south of Trevi, 63 kilometers southeast of Perugia and 126 kilometers north of Rome.

When touring in Spoleto, some of the main sights which attract many visitors are Ponte Sanguinario, The Palazzo Comunale and the Rocca Albornoziana fortress. The Ponte Sanguinario also known as the Bloody Bridge, is a historical monument situated in the eastern part of Victory Square in Spoleto. This is where persecutions of Christians took place, in the nearby amphitheater. It is a wonderful preservation for many tourists to visit. People can gain access through a short staircase, enclosed by an iron railing, which penetrates under the road. The Palazzo Comunale or the Town Hall in Spoleto can be found between Piazza del Mercato and Piazza del Duomo. The political and institutional bodies of the city can be found there. The building is now one of the works of the 18th century. In the year 1703, the building was destroyed by an earthquake. The renovation for that building took some time and careful years of planning. Yet, the historical and architectural aspects of the Town Hall were preserved throughout the years.

The Rocca Albornoziana fortress is one historic fortress of its time. It was built by a fourteenth century architect, Matteo Gattapone. It has six towers with two inner courtyards. One of the rooms inside is the Camera Pinta, also known as the Painted Room, with fifteenth century frescoes found in it. Despite the many sieges, this fortress was eventually turned into a prison in the 1800s. After being renovated after some time, it was officially turned into a museum in 2007. In addition, the fortress is notable for its culture. It is also the national museum of the Duchy of Spoleto, which consists of material from public collections. There are also many churches that one can visit in Spoleto. Some of these are the San Pietro extra Moenia, the Basilica of San Salvatore, San Ponziano and Sant’Ansano. Much history is found in these buildings. One can surely expect to learn much about them and to appreciate the notable edifices of all time in Spoleto.

One of the exciting sporting activities in Spoleto is Volleyball. The main team which gains a lot of recognition and is classified in the quarter-finals of the Italian championship is team Olio Venturi Spoleto. An Italian football team is also a team from Spoleto named Associazione Dilettantistica Voluntas Calcio Spoleto or Voluntas Spoleto. Their main colours are white and red. They have been promoted to Serie D.

One festival that can be enjoyed in Spoleto is the Festival dei Due Mondi, known as the Festival of the Two Worlds. This festival was established in 1958. It is a cultural event. It is held yearly from late June to early July. It includes music, theater and dance performances, as well as modern sculpture exhibits and works of art. This festival is one of Italy’s leading arts festivals. A lot of amusement awaits you as this festival is always memorable and filled with fun and entertaining activities.

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